Introducing our team
Our installation staff.
MWBueroplanung Team Montage

Installation: making sure everything is a perfect fit. For years or for decades.

Professional, skilled installation by our staff ensures that all components have been installed properly and sturdily, connected properly and configured appropriately.


From mounting a large-scale display on a wall to setting up a complex piece of functional furniture, professional, skilled installation plays a major role in ensuring that every solution can live up to its strengths in full – and that all of the safety requirements are reliably met.

We deliberately refrain from subcontracting our services in this area. Instead, we employ our own installation team so that we can guarantee our customers the necessary superior quality in our work here, as elsewhere. In addition to installation work, our technicians can also resolve minor problems on site, check all of the items to make sure they are complete and in perfect condition and even carry out the formal acceptance process.

   Semmelweisstraße 8, 82152 Planegg / Steinkirchen bei München    089/890 57 89 10