We bring new ideas to your office!
Seating, table and desk systems, storage space, screens, acoustics, lighting and accessories.

MW Bueroplanung

Advice: thoughtful consideration of every angle, right from the start.

What is your company’s organizational structure like? Where are there special technical requirements for the facility that need to be taken into account? What requirements of future employees have to be met? We provide thorough, in-depth advice to lay the foundation for a furnishing solution that pays off in various ways. And one that will continue to serve you well in the working world of tomorrow.


We pay particular attention to various things, including detailed clarification of all of the workflows within your business: Where do you want to promote intensive communication within the group, teamwork or creative work? Where do you need quiet, self-contained spaces for individual work or to talk on the phone? Another focus for our team is using the statement and atmosphere created by every solution to express your company’s exact character. Just wait until you see what we come up with!

Our advising services:
  • Analyses of needs and requirements
  • Determination of potential in your space
  • Review of efficient use of space
  • Occupancy concept
  • Workplace analysis
  • Office structures
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Media technology
  • Shading
  • Ergonomics consulting
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